The benefits that the youth groups and the youth clubs provide to the children and younger teenagers might not be obvious, but those things do have an impact on the children. This was also confirmed by

a study in the Ohio, and the study results showed the impact on the children where they have stronger self-awareness than the youth that doesn’t have any youth club and youth group activities.

These clubs (groups) have many positive effects on the children, and those effects can be classified into several categories:

–    One of the main advantages of these groups is the teamwork that is instilled into the children. Many of those clubs have activities that require good teamwork, so the children learn how to work with other equals. The good portion of activities focuses on this, as this skill will be useful in the future.

faith-walk-main-gallery3-PS131220_cah_577These skills might have a significant impact on the future of some of those kids. Some will use the skills they learned to adapt more quickly to their work, whether it is an office based assignment or a sport or education work. Leadership is another important skill that is gained through the activities that require working with groups of people. Not every child will develop strong leadership skills, but those who do will have an easier time in the future.

–    Many different youth groups exist, and the majority of those teams have some specific goals that include learning of a particular set of the skills. Not all of the skills belong to same subgroups, some are core competencies (like basic survival), but other may include or solely focus on different crafts or arts.

Many activities also include the learning of some individual skills that may or may not be useful in the future. Map-reading isn’t a useful skill in this day and age, but it’s nice to have it as you might end up somewhere where the need for this skill will arise.

–    Health and fitness are both very obvious benefits for the children. Youth groups create their activities to include a right amount of time spent on playing different games or some challenges that will improve the health and the fitness of the youth.

TeenSupportGroupsIn the modern time, the children don’t have opportunities to play and participate in sports events due to the rhythm of life and the increasing number of technological gadgets that keep the children in their homes. The youth groups are there to let the children exercise and let off the steam that builds over time. Many children that experience these activities become more aware of their physical needs and they continue the practice.

–    The sense of the identity is an already mentioned benefit. These youth clubs are sanctuaries where children can relax and enjoy as well as learn something new and meet new people. The levels of stress that we have to fight are high, and the children are under the pressure as well, and the youth clubs are excellent because they allow the children to relieve that pressure in their way.